The Pyramid of the skin

The skin pyramid is a basic instrument to understand and summarize the main steps that we must follow in our facial care routine to obtain optimal long-term results and show off a skin with the best care.

If we correctly choose the products for our skin and apply them according to their guidelines, we will understand our skin better and see its healthier and optimal appearance.

The pyramid orders treatments and care that we must carry out based on its periodicity and importance, placing on its basis the daily routine care and fundamental protection of the skin and at the top of the pyramid the occasional ones destined for optimization:

It is important to remember that cleaning is the step prior to the application of any facial routine. It must always be done 2 times a day:

  • In the morning, to clean the skin from sweat and night secretions and to be able to apply the products that will protect and transform the skin during the day.
  • At night before going to bed, to leave the skin clean of the dirt to which we have exposed it during the day (pollution, sunscreen, secretions, makeup, smoke, …) and prepared to correctly absorb the products that will work our skin during the night.

Maintaining this routine provides Protection To our skin and Prevent Of its oxidation and degradation.
In the morning and following this order, you have to clean, tone the skin, apply the serum, then the moisturizer and continue with the application of the contour (always with the ring finger and giving soft touches on the area until its absorption). End the application of sunscreen.
At night, before bedtime, perform skin cleansing, apply the night serum, night cream and eye contour.
Keep in mind that specific night products cannot be used for the day routine, but in reverse (day products for night routine).

They are the treatments that allow Transform Our skin, with an e Preventive effect And of Cell renewal.
The basic steps are the performance of an exfoliation on the face. We can do it with a specific product to exfoliate the skin (exfoliating cream, scrub) or with a usual cleaning product and the help of a facial cleansing device.
Then you have to apply a mask and let it act for a few minutes before removing it (as the product indicates). In this way we will get the product to act deeply on our skin and have its effect.
You can complete this basic weekly routine with other treatments, depending on the state of our skin and the result that we want to obtain: LED masks, application of several combined masks, application of products with acids…

Tarro de crema contorno de ojos

They are the professional maintenance treatments that will allow us to give the definitive turning point to our routine and always have a cared for and healthy skin.
They can be carried out in the cabin and professional centers and would include those related to cell regeneration of the skin, such as laser treatments, pulsed light, cleaning and hydration such as professional intense hygiene, chemical peels, oxygen application, or muscle stimulation and use of specific appliances.

Occasionally (every 6 months to 1 time a year)
Semi-annually or annually and to obtain an even more optimal result you can perform corrective medical-aesthetic treatments or professional cabin treatments. These treatments will allow you to prepare the skin for seasonal changes, keep it radiant or look perfect on a special occasion.


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