Skincare routine for cool Men

Traditionally, skincare routines used to be associated with women, but for some time now we have noticed a considerable increase in the #skincare of contemporary men and we understand it

We all want to be our beautiest!

Facial Cleansing

The Basics of Men's Skincare

Male skin generally differs from female skin in some aspects such as texture, fat production or thickness. Basic men's skin care consists of a three-step routine:

1) Cleaning

2) Toning

3) Hydration.

Cleansing removes dirt and excess oil from the skin, toning rebalances the skin's pH, and moisturizing nourishes and protects it.

These simple steps form the foundation of an effective skin care regimen.

So that you don't feel #lost, we have prepared our special skincare focused on #menscare.

The Good Cream Men's routine

1.Wash wash

2. Tone up!

Perricone MD Rebalancing Elixir – THE GOOD CREAM

    3. Get hydrated!

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