Beauty trends 2024

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Ready to learn about the beauty trends for 2024? This year comes loaded, not only with proposals for your skin routine, but also to promote your inner well-being with a conscious approach to self-care and maintaining the commitment to sustainability.

1. Hight-Tech at your fingertips: LED technology for skin care will be a must-have this year, offering professional-level beauty treatments without leaving home. LED technology is designed to improve skin quality, increasing collagen and reducing expression lines. In addition, personalization through Artificial Intelligence will allow products and treatments adapted to the specific needs of each skin.

2. Back to the 90s: Nineties nostalgia resurfaces with a renewed focus. From pastel eyeliners to iconic bun hairstyles. Relive the unique style of the 90s and experiment with these looks.

3. Go green: Sustainability remains a crucial pillar. Consumers are increasingly demanding ethical brands. This is reflected in the increase in natural cosmetics (in which CBD cosmetics play a prominent role), recyclable packaging and cruelty-free formulations.

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4. Hyaluronic acid is here to stay: Although it is not new, hyaluronic acid is still the favorite of the skincare world. Its immediate results in improving the appearance of the skin and its ability to deeply hydrate and plump make it essential in anti-aging routines and as an ingredient in cosmetics and anti-aging creams.

5. Expressive looks and color: Moving away from minimalist looks, 2024 embraces color and shine in makeup. A trend that reflects an attitude of confidence and fun, allowing you to express your individuality. Dare to be you!

6. Wellness Inside Out: Beauty from the inside out becomes important. The products not only seek to improve external appearance but also promote general well-being. Ingredients such as vitamins, adaptogens and antioxidants will be key this year.

2024 will redefine the rules of the game in the beauty world, whether with a cutting-edge gadget or makeup to shine. This year is about experimenting and having fun with your care routines.


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