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Kloris Hand & Body Lotion

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The cold, the continuous washing of the hands, the action of free radicals and pollution or the use of hydroalcoholic gel, among others, often leave our hands and skin rough and dehydrated.

The hand creams on the market, many times, are too unctuous and difficult to absorb, so they are uncomfortable to apply.

Kloris's hand and body lotion is deeply moisturizing but light, improving the appearance of hands with dryness. You can also use it to hydrate the rest of the body.

Formulated with Kloris's 1% premium CBD, it incorporates aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, avocado oil, camellia and hemp seed.

75ml tube format for exclusive topical use in adults.

how to use

Aplicar tantas veces como se necesite sobre manos y/o cuerpo. Crema de fácil y rápida absorción. Uso tópico solo en adultos.
No recomendado para mujeres embarazadas o lactantes.

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KLORIS Premium CBD (1%), Aloe Vera,
Vegetable Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Hemp
Seed Oil, Camellia Oil. Libre de THC