• Kloris sleeping patches (improve sleep)
  • Kloris sleeping patches (improve sleep)

Kloris sleeping patches (improve sleep)

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Having a peaceful sleep and an adequate rest is necessary for a healthy life. The stress, the day-to-day, the pollution, the long journeys,... They turn the most relaxing and regenerating moment of the day (the sleep routine) into a nightmare.

KLORIS sleep patches help you fall asleep, rest better and lessen the effects caused by jet lag.

Made with carefully selected ingredients to improve your rest such as passionflower extract, valerian and hops that together with cannabidol provide a natural solution to your rest.

Package format of 30 patches. It is recommended not to use more than one patch per day.

THC and gluten free. Not tested on animals, vegan friendly and hypoallergenic

Te enamorará por...

Tener un sueño plácido y un adecuado decanso es necesario para una vida saludable. El estrés, el día a día, la contaminación, los viajes largos,...hacen que el momento más relajante y regenerador del día (la rutina de sueño) se convierta en una pesadilla.

Formato paquete de 30 parches. Se recomienda no usar mas de un parche al día.
Tambén hay formato de 14 patches o 3 parches
Libre de THC y gluten.
Vegan friendly e hipoalergénico

El secreto está en la fórmula

Valeriana, CBD, Pasiflora

Paso a paso

Before bed, apply a patch to a relatively hair-free area of ​​skin (for example, your arm, lower back, thigh, or shoulder). Remove the patch once you wake up (or after 8-10 hours). Any residue can be washed with warm soapy water.
External use. It is recommended not to use more than one patch per day. It is not a medicine. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Consult your doctor if you are taking medication. For adult use only.

Como llega la magia a ti

Between 3 and 5 days

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Valerian extract, CBD 5mg, passionflower extract, hops extract. THC free